Chuck Schiele vocals, guitar
Phil Smith  drums
John Dancks  bass
Rhys Brigida  keyboards, vocals
Todd Hobin  guitar, vocals
Richie Melito guitar, vocals

Salt City Chill is a super-fun, high-energy rock n roll band from Syracuse, NY. This pack of old pros offer compelling original music along with their own, creative readings of covered material. And while their music can be defined as rock and roll, their music also reflects their influences of jazz and Americana — with the confidence to trust and let the music be what “it” wants to be. Their mission statement being to offer something familiar in a fresh way. Salt City Chill debuted their first album, “And Another Thing...” in the spring of 2017.

Chuck Schiele has been on the Syracuse music scene since 2011 after transplanting himself from the west coast back to CNY where he grew up. He enjoyed a healthy music career in Southern California where he received many accolades, including back-to-back wins in the prestigious San Diego Music Awards. Chuck’s music has enjoyed regional, national and inter national airplay. Phil Smith was a jazz and contemporary music major University of Maine, Augusta. In 1985 he became a member of the McDonalds All American Band; and later, went on to tour with Lou Rawls, as well as appearances with Riders In the Sky, Kirby Shaw and more. Born and raised in the Salt City, Rhys Brigida has been a musician’s A-List musician for 40 years at the keys. Rhys founded legendary CNY grops such as Timepeice, Windsong and the Billionaires. John Dancks is another A-List, SAMMY Hall-of-Famer, whose played with countless groups over many years such as The Cadleys and Jim Henson. Todd Hobin has a lifelong history in Syracuse and Rochester, in his own right, as the leader of the Todd Hobin Band. Richie Melito toured extensively in the U.S and Europe as musical director for The Ultimate Thriller, one of the top Michael Jackson tribute shows in the world, and as a member of the BB King`s All Stars, house band at BB King`s Blues Club in Orlando, Florida.

Together this special line-up makes a sound that is big, fun, unpredictable, virtuostic and completely groovy. And since they are all good pals, you can hear their sense of humor — how much fun they’re having — in the music. This is a band that understands that, regardless of all things.... the point of music is to have fun.